It’s Time to Be More Careful While Driving, Walking or Riding a Bike on Beach Boulevard.

The area along Beach Boulevard from Southside Boulevard to I-295 is a hotspot for pedestrian crashes. Between 2012 and 2016, 66 people walking or riding bikes were killed or injured by motorists in that section of Beach Boulevard. See the Crash Map.

What causes these crashes?

  • Drivers don’t look out for cyclists or pedestrians, and fail to yield to them when turning.

  • Pedestrians don’t use crosswalks or push the crossing button and follow signals.

Turn with Concern

When you are turning and see people trying to walk across the road, you must STOP to let them finish crossing before you turn.

Pay attention turning in and out of shopping centers. Look for people walking and riding bikes as you approach the entrance. Let them cross before your turn.

Cross with care

Always go to the crosswalk. It’s worth a few extra steps to save your life.

Push the crossing button.

Wait when you see orange hand.

Watch for cars and walk when you see walk symbol.

Finish crossing quickly when you see the flashing orange hand.